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Thursday 21st December, 2017

Program of Talks for 2018

JANUARY .WEDNESDAY 17TH.Speaker .David Roughly. Topic Gerrards.Builders of Swinton.

FEBRUARY.WEDNESDAY .21ST.Speaker. Malcolm Tranter. Topic.The Life and Voyages of Ernest Shackleton.

MARCH. WEDNESDAY 21 st .Speaker. Richard Saville. Topic. The Life of Agnes Maude Royden(1876-1956).Political ,Social and Religious Activist.

APRIL. WEDNESDAY 18th .Speaker. Peter Turner.Topic. Through the eyes of a Magician.

MAY. WEDNESDAY 16th .Speaker Bill Honeywell.Topic Cycling Tour Galway to Dublin.

JUNE. WEDNESDAY 20th .Speaker Dr David Allen.Topic The Essence of a Georgian Gentleman.

JULY WEDNESDAY 18th. Speaker A friend of Gaskell House.Topic Life of Elizebeth Gaskell.


SEPTEMBER WEDNESDAY 19th. A talk by George Davis “Capitalism and  Slavery  

OCTOBER WEDNESDAY 17th. Speaker  Brian Hallworth  “The Rocking  years. A blast of the 50′s ans 60′s 

NOVEMBER WEDNESDAY 21st.Speaker Judith Atkinson.A nostalgic look at a Walkden Child Hood   

DECEMBER WEDNESDAY 5TH     ECCLES COMMUNITY CHOIR.                                                                                                                    

We will advise you what has been arranged for September and October when completed.