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Friday 27th February, 2009

Lancashire leads the way

we invite you to another interesting afternoon at Beesley Green Community Centre on Thursday 19th March at 2.oo om.

Annette will show us how and why Lancashire LEADS THE WAY in theses  turbulent times and will include interesting snippetts of famous events,The Lancashire Witches,The Lancashire Martyrs and others.

Our last event with the LAVENDER LADY was a great success so come early for a good seat.

Admission £1.50. Tea,coffee and biscuits included,also a raffle and book stall

Wednesday 25th February, 2009

No 32 Roe Green. Briar Cottage.



Since our last comment about Briar Cottage Granada television are doing a programme on the empty houses of  Britain and are considering using No 32 as one of the topics in the programme. Currently they are gathering information and anticipate filming in the next week or so.As we said watch this space.

Thursday 19th February, 2009

No 32 Roe Green.(Briar Cottage)


 The saga of No 32 goes on.This is the boarded up cottage on the corner of Roe Green looking prominently over the green and has been empty for several years.

The owners proposal  for this plot was to have the existing dwelling demolished and the erection of a new building and the construction of new vehicle access.

The planning meeting on 8th January 2009 considered the proposals and all views submitted and decided to refuse the application and the reasons for the refusal are interesting to those living on the Green and we quote their reasons below.

1.The proposed development would,by virtue of its excessive footprint,scale and massing,result in an overly dominant development in this location and would have an obtrusive impact that would be detrimental to the street scene and harmful to the character and appearance of the Roe Green/Beesley Green Conservation Area. As such,the development would be contrary to policies DES1,CH3 and CH4 of the City of Salford Unitary Development Plan and the guidance contained within Planning Policy Guidance Note 15 (planning and the Historic Enviroment).

2. The proposed development would,by virtue of its scale and massing in close proximity to the boundary with No28 Roe Green have an unacceptable overbearing impact on the occupiers of this property to the detriment of their amenity. As such,the development would be contrary to policy DES7  of  the City of Salford Unitary Development plan.

Watch this space for further developments.


Monday 16th February, 2009

Roe Green Post Office

The Post Office has started a  competition for the best Post Office

Roe Green Post Office kept open for the sake of the the public,even when The General Store closed down and there was a question mark over the Post Office itself.

In view of security problems in the past the action of the Postmistress in keeping the Post Office going have been much appreciated by the people of Worsley and Roe Green.


Please collect your entry form from the counter and ensure it is completed and posted in the voting box before the 27th February

Friday 13th February, 2009

Drainage of the Green


Progress on this project is slowly moving forward. When drains are laid, the main problem will be disposing of the water. Various options are being considered to find the easiest and most economical method. Once this is resolved, the scheme has to be costed and the grant applications completed.

It is logical to concentrate on the area of the Green between the playground and Sparrow Park first and we are grateful for the promised support from Roe Green Methodist Church.

Friday 13th February, 2009


If you joined us in our first year, 2007, but didn’t renew in 2008, please can you do so as soon as possible.

We’re working very hard to improve things and really need the support of the majority of our residents, not least for their ideas and feedback.

Annual subscriptions are due in early April at the time of the AGM, at £5 minimum per household, but are welcome at any time.

The address for subscriptions is:

Pauline Ogden
4 Roe Green
M28 2JB

Friday 13th February, 2009

Roe Green and Beesley Green ‘In Bloom’


A very big THANK YOU to everyone who gathered one ‘mad day’ in May to plant and who have since worked to care for our planters during the summer.

The compliments and appreciation of many residents have been very encouraging. We have been successful in getting an award with merit which is on display in the Community Centre, with copies in the local shops.

The judges were very complimentary about the village and our displays, acknowledging the increased number of planters and the inclusion of Beesely Community Centre.

The funding comes from FoRG, local businesses and your generous donations collected in the Post Office.

Many thanks to everyone as this has enabled us to buy winter flowering plants and bulbs.

We hope to liaise with the Church to include some display there this year.

We have had one meeting of the ‘In Bloom’ committee and it was decided to enter the competition again in the same category.

Friday 13th February, 2009

Salford Forest Park

The public enquiry will take place on 21 April. Salford City Council Planning Panel voted to oppose Peel’s proposal on the grounds of greenbelt and traffic issues.

RAGE, the organisation formed locally to object to this huge development now has to find considerable funds to employ experts to represent residents at the enquiry. FoRG has made a contribution and hope that everyone of a similar mind will be as generous as possible.